Kids BasketBall Academy California - Club one

Club One Lifetime Unlimited Week 3-5


Welcome to the Club One Lifetime Unlimited!

With Club One Unlimited you will pay just $160 a month for 12 months**.

This is less than our normal session membership of $550 per quarter.

This Includes:

- One 2-Hour team practice per week***

- One 2-hour skills training per week***

- Up to 10 Saturday tournaments of 2-3 games each

- A Special tournament each session.

Once the 12 months are up your child will be Tuition Free Forever. After 1 year with Club One you will no longer have to pay tuition you will only be responsible for your tournament fees which are just $9.90 per tournament.  For less than the cost of a year of AAU basketball at most clubs you can be a part of Club One Tuition Free for life. 


*Normal price $4,000

**There is a one-time $200 initiation fee (as a promotion this fee can be added throughout payments and as a 13th payment. See agreement for details).

***In some cases where gym availability is low practices and skills trainings may be 1.5 hours.


Club One Basketball


Phone: (925) 405-5557